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To deliver your business great search results, simply add keywords and / or select the products and services you deliver and instantly you can become found on Uglii - this is free.



Uglii for Small Business

Small business will be one of the main beneficiaries of the new Uglii System. Register your small business now free on the world's first truly global online directory - Uglii Find.

Why Register with Uglii?

All businesses should register with Uglii because it is free and it will help you get found.

Uglii users, both locally and from across the globe will be able to find your business by name, industry, type of business, keywords or even the products and brands you sell. You’ll also soon be able to be notified when someone is looking for your products or services.

Search engine optimisation of your website is not required for Uglii which means you can focus more time on your clients and less on your website. Plus Uglii is free from all the advertising clutter that appears on traditional search engines.

Uglii - the Friendliest Search Tool to Small Business

Uglii was developed by a group of small business owners who realised that search engines are not very friendly to most small businesses. The world required a better search system. One that allowed all businesses to be found no matter how big or small. Uglii allows all businesses to register free and be found instantly. Any business can also choose to upgrade their listing at any time. This means your business can pay a minimal fee to make your details more prominent on Uglii and attract more interest. You do not have to be a multinational company or have a huge website to be found on Uglii. In fact these things make no difference.

Uglii was designed to work for all businesses and we are confident it will work for your business too.

Registering Your Business on Uglii

Registering your business details will take around 15 minutes - time well invested. Being registered in Uglii will bring your business several free benefits that you will enjoy.

After you've registered, Uglii will provide you with an Uglii Control Panel customized to your business. To deliver your business great search results, simply add keywords and / or select the products and services you deliver and instantly you can become found on Uglii - this is free.

How will People Find Businesses Through Uglii?

Uglii Find is the map-based system that you can use on this website. There are many other websites around the world that also use these maps. In fact there are likely to be thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of websites using these maps in the near future as Uglii expands across the globe. Uglii developers are also working on a range of tools which will be added to computer browsers to allow anyone to use Uglii directly from their browser in a similar way that many people use search engines today.

You simply register and enter your details along with a list of keywords. Instantly a dot (more specifically known as an Uglii Dot) is registered on all Uglii maps at your location. When someone searches for any of your keywords they will be presented with a list of businesses that match (each of those appearing on the map - as a clickable dot). Simple.

Uglii displays all result in order of closest to furthest from the searcher. This means your business will always appear near the top of results for your local customers. No search engine can compete with that!

Uglii is also able to be used from any mobile phone with an internet connection and a new Uglii Phone 'App' will also be available.

Uglii is Unlike Any Search Engine

Unlike search engines, Uglii allows business owners to specify exactly which keywords they feel are relevent to their business. Search engines scan through billions of endless web pages reading web code and text content trying to determine which sites are related to which searches. If a search engine considers your site to be filled with enough of a keyword and your code is good and your site is large and you have lots of other sites around the world that link to you and you have lots of headings relating to that keyword and your site has been online for a long time your site might get indexed if the search engine ever gets around to it. And, if there are lots of other sites in the world that have similar keywords it is almost anyone's guess where you'll get positioned, page two, page 6... who knows.

With Uglii once you have entered your keywords into the system you will instantly become findable on every map. This is free. Simply register your business - that's free too.

Uglii Brands (for Small Business)

Also, if your business owns and promotes a brand or trademark - we also recommend you investigate the benefits delivered through the Uglii Brands System. This service allows users to search by brands and trademarks - a world first. Here's an example. Let's say you sell lawnmowers. In particular you specialise in a brand called Firestorm Lawnmowers. You have all the latest models and you stock spare parts. Someone searching for a sparkplug from last year's model of Firestorm Scimitar Lawnmower might visit Uglii Brands to find a local supplier. That's when your Uglii comes into it's own in Uglii Brands. You will be listed and plotted directly on the map in front of that person so he knows exactly where you are and how to contact you.

Register your business today and explore the many benefits available through Uglii.