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Uglii allows anyone to search for any product, service, brand, model or business, either around the corner or across the world and only receive accurate information.



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Uglii and Searching

Uglii Find is a totally unique online search tool. Uglii is not like Google and is different from any other standard directory. Uglii is the world's first truly global online business directory and it is free to list your business.

Current Search Engine Options

Generally when we require information on the internet most people default to a Search Engine such as Google. A search with Google will provide you with a long list of results that match your keywords. Many of these results may be from outdated or unrelated websites because the search engine uses a very complex algorithm to locate every page on the internet that includes the keywords you have typed and then it tries its best to place them in order of relevence without ever being able to verify if the information on those sites is actually accurate. The algorithm also gives higher value to websites that have lots of links pointing to them from other websites or sponsored websites or sites that have spent a lot of money adjusting the site to suit Google, known as search engine optimisation (SEO). This means that small business often cannot compete with larger businesses because SEO can be very expensive. In fact it is exceedingly difficult and complex to adjust a website to ensure it is considered by Google to be the most relevent in its field. Typically your search will return hundreds or even thousands of pages of links to websites, most of which are not ideally suited to your search.

Search engines also contain lots of outdated information because they continually search the entire world wide web for webpages, that's all. They don't actually verify anything.

Often Search Engines will produce good results that effectively link you with the website you require, but not always. Consider local business searches. Or specific product searches. Here the Search Engines often struggle.

Search engines don't consider minor small business websites to be as relevent as large corporate sites or sites with lots of pages or sites that have been Search Engine Optimised. Most small business websites will not appear in the first page of results for most of their preferred keywords. This makes them effectively invisible online. And, if you are a small business that sells a product that is also sold by other businesses around the world your chances of being the most relevent site for a product search are almost zero.

And what about those businesses that can't afford a website or don't have the time to organise an expensive web design company to build something for them. Those businesses are virtually completely undiscoverable.

Today's client wants to find your business online fast.

Online Directory Options

Directories provide businesses with a way to be found that does not require their website is findable directly on a Search Engine. Businesses can list also their details on directories without requiring their own website. This is great for small business because it can help you get found on the internet. But there are thousands of different directories. Some are local directories, some are trade directories, some are cheapest price directories... there are too many to list. And to find one of those you will need to start by using a Search Engine to find it.

So, the problem with directories is that they only specialise in one industry or location, they only provide a limited sample of the marketplace and it can be very hard to find the directory that best suits your needs.

The Schools Guide website is an example. While it is the most popular and relevent website for private schools in Australia, it can only assist visitors to find a school. It cannot help with school uniforms or help with say local childcare centres. You would need to find a different directory that covers those businesses. This is why we have added Uglii to the Schools Guide website. It has the potential to incredibly enhance your power to find school related products and services, in fact any products and services in one place... fast.

Phone Book Directories

These directories list businesses in a similar way to a phone book because that's what they were designed to do, provide phone numbers. These directories are usually limited to each country and cannot help with international businesses or businesses that wish to provide goods and services to other parts of the world. You would need to find the national directory for another country to find any businesses located there. They are also often quite limited in their ability to allow effective searches through their data.

Phone book directories also base their entire business around paid advertising. This means that the more you pay the higher your prominence. That in itself is fine but advertising on a Phone Book style Directory is almost always very, very expensive. Small business simply cannot compete so the largest, most profitable businesses always win.

Why Uglii is different

Uglii allows anyone to search for any product, service, brand, model or business either around the corner or across the world and only receive accurate information.

Uglii searches are fast and present all results as a dot on a map so you can see exactly where the resulting businesses or products are located.

Every business can list for free.

The creators of the Uglii Systems believe that ALL businesses around the world are entitled to have their key business information listed for free and be easily discovered by everyone, no matter how large or small, rich or poor or how obscure their products or services are.

Uglii also provides many additional Uglii Systems Services that can be purchased by any registered business which will greatly enhance its business efficiency. The highest level Uglii upgrade is the Blue Uglii Dot which is only $250 per year. This meakes Uglii affordable for every business.

The New Uglii Systems will enable users to:

Search for any business or organisation, product or service across the whole world OR just within half a kilometre and only receive current and accurate information.

Define a search down to: location, area size, price, unit quantities, payment method, credentials and more and only receive results that exactly match the search criteria.

Anonymously request quotes for supply requirements detailing maximum cost, delivery, payment requirements etc. and receive competitive offers from previously unknown credentialed suppliers.

Businesses listed in the Uglii Systems will:

Have all business locations clearly identified on an easy to use online mapping system for the world to find and a simple click-on-the-dot system to display business information or link straight to their website.

Be part of an online market place that immediately notifies them when other businesses or individuals are looking to purchase their products or services providing a continuous flow of qualified leads.

Be able to do all this for a fraction of current advertising and marketing budgets and without all the annoying online adverts and other clutter.

This is just some of what the new Uglii Systems will offer all businesses and individuals!